Since graduating from the Royal college, Paul has spent the past 10 years trying to understand and develop his working process. Not wanting to be formulaic or stylistic he has been working with the surrealist idea of automatism with an eye to achieving an evolving organic practice which has no real rules.



He is very aware that during his making process, he will at some point reference another artist or artists, and believes that this should not be viewed as an unwanted element, but is to be invited even perhaps embellished.

As with contemporary music (mixing and re mixing) he interested in using this historic and contemporary element as a sort of pictorial sampling. (the idea lifted, borrowed or stolen itself from Peter Blake, Richard Hamilton, Andy Warhol, Lichtenstein, Hockney Amongst others.) He is interested in how this influence, sometimes deliberate and others incidental, will combine with his previously made drawings, paintings and prints. Which intern helps him discover new shapes forms and compositions.


He has also finally got to grips with the concept of memory within the process of creativity, and how it is an incredibly subtle and indirect. Should not be definitive to a specific point or thing but allowed to develop and play. The memory can be generally fleeting and is not necessarily specific. And is also obviously personal, hence it has no reference point for another to access. Artist of current influence that attain this in there working process; Thomas Nozkowski, Frederick Hammersley, Tomma Abts, Beatriz Milhazes, Howard Hodgkin, Fiona Rae